The City State

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Obviously, if you’re tormented, you’re going to get some kind of weird deeper resonance in your music. But if you’re really tormented, you’re usually too overwhelmed to write a song about it. You don’t really have the energy to be thinking about your music or your career when you fucking hate your life. I find it’s best for songwriting when you’re in a kind of middle spot — not terminally depressed, but not really happy either. ‘Cause when you’re happy, who wants to sit inside and work?
Billy Corgan
How quickly the tide changes

I am of the belief that love and affection are not able to be so quickly ceased. That is to say, to fall out of love so fast and so completely, only proves you never fell in love in the first place.

That is not how I love.

Should look through some old photos
I adored you in every one of those
If someone took a picture of us now they’d need to be told
That we had ever clung on tight and maybe not with arms at night
I’d say she was his sister but she doesn’t have his nose

And now we’re unrelated and rid of all the shit we hated
But I hate when I feel like this and I never hated you

Frightened Rabbit “Poke”
Nathaniel Fisher: You're missing the point.
David Fisher: There is no point, that's the point. Isn't it?
Nathaniel Fisher: Don't give me this phony existential bullshit, I expect better from you. The point's right in front of your face.
David Fisher: Well I'm sorry but I don't see it.
Nathaniel Fisher: You're not even grateful are ya?
David Fisher: Grateful? For the worst fucking experience of my life?
Nathaniel Fisher: You hang onto your pain like it means something, like it's worth something - well let me tell ya, it's not worth shit. Let it go. Infinite possibilities and all he can do is whine.
David Fisher: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Nathaniel Fisher: What do you think? You can do anything, you lucky bastard, you're alive! What's a little pain compared to that?
David Fisher: It can't be so simple.
Nathaniel Fisher: What if it is?
Mostly I’m sad. It may seem like I’m ok, good even. But mostly, I’m just really, really sad.